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Elevate Healthcare with Hospital Bed Elevators

Dedicated to Patient Well-being

Our hospital bed elevators are meticulously designed to cater to patient comfort and seamless transportation. With a spacious car that accommodates patients and staff alike, these elevators prioritize safety, smoothness, and swift transit for medical facilities.

Unparalleled Strength and Durability

Hospital bed elevators demand robustness. Our elevators are equipped with super-strong motors, ensuring secure, smooth, and comfortable transport of patients, medical personnel, and others. With advanced VVVF control technology and a carefully designed cabin structure, our elevators stand as a pinnacle of safety, reliability, and longevity.

Versatility of Machine Room Configuration

For accommodating heavy loads, a machine room type hospital bed elevator is recommended. Main components can be conveniently placed in the machine room, facilitating installation and maintenance. However, if space constraints exist, our machine roomless option provides a space-efficient solution.

Tailored for Accessibility and Ease

  • Dual Fan: Enhanced airflow within the elevator, ensuring comfort for passengers.
  • Disabled Car Operation Panel: Designed for easy operation for disabled individuals, enhancing accessibility.
  • Delay Close Button: Ensures safe entry and exit of passengers and specialized equipment, granting extended door opening time.
  • UV Sterilization and Anion Device: Elevates air quality, prevents cross-infection, and promotes patient well-being.
  • 304 Stainless Steel Material: Car walls crafted from easy-to-clean 304 stainless steel, maintaining hygiene standards.

Elevate patient care with FUJI hospital bed elevators. Our comprehensive design ensures safe, comfortable, and efficient vertical mobility, making them the preferred choice for medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes.

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