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Elevator Controllers: Intelligence and Reliability Unleashed

Elevator controllers play a pivotal role in modern elevators, merging logic control with variable frequency drive capabilities. The iBL6 series, featuring our renowned Intelligent Elevator Core System (IECS), goes above and beyond. It seamlessly connects to your smartphone, revolutionizing commissioning, error diagnosis, debugging, and maintenance processes.

Serial Integrated Controller

  1. A smart elevator integrated controller.
  2. Incorporates advanced technology for ease of use.
  3. Exemplifies high reliability in elevator control.

Parallel Integrated Controller

  1. A next-generation intelligent elevator control system.
  2. Demonstrates outstanding performance and unwavering reliability in real-world applications.

Serial Main Board

  1. Empowers simplex, duplex, and group control for 3-8 elevators through a group control board.
  2. Speed range: 0.25 ~ 4m/s.
  3. Compatible with passenger elevators, bed elevators, residential elevators, and panoramic elevators.
  4. Supports up to 64 stops.

Parallel Main Board

  1. Designed for single/double-direction selection.
  2. Speed range: 0.25 ~ 1m/s.
  3. Accommodates up to 12 stops.
  4. Suitable for both traction and gearless permanent magnet machines.

Our elevator controllers are a fusion of intelligence and reliability, enhancing elevator performance while simplifying maintenance tasks. Experience the future of elevator control with our cutting-edge solutions.

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