Hospital Elevator



Hospital Bed Elevator

For hospital bed elevator, it is necessary to have a car with enough size to accommodate the sick bed and passengers as well. In addition, the motor of bed elevator should be super strong and

durable for safe, smooth, comfortable and quick transportation of patients, medical staff and other passengers to their desired floor. FUJI bed elevator, adopting first-class quality motor and advanced VVVF control technology, more carefully designed cabin structure, make the elevator smooth and comfortable, safe, reliable and durable, is your first choice for large hospitals,medical institutions,rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and other medical buldings.

With/Without Machine Room Type

Considering the large load of the hospital bed elevator, we recommend machine room type hospital bed elevator, which can make the main parts seting in machine room for easy installation and maintenance. However, if the building space is not enough for the elevator room, you can also choose the machine roomless type bed elevator. Our engineers who have rich experiences and mature elevator configuration tech

User-friendly Settings:

Dual Fan:

The bed elevator has a large depth, so it could be seting 2 units of fan (forward and backward of the ceiling) to strengthen airflow in the car.

Disabled Car Operation Panel:

In addition to the ordinary COP, for easy operation of disabled people, it is recommended to configure another disabled COP inside the car.The advised  installation height of disabled COP is 1.20m from the ground.

Delay Close Button

For the safe entry and exit of passengers and special facilities (sickbeds, stretchers, wheelchairs, medical equipments, etc.) in the hospital, the bed elevator is advised to be equipped with a delay close button. After the elevator door is fully opened, this button can keep the door open and extend the automatic closing time.

UV Sterilization Device and Anion Device:

Open as required to achieve sterilization function, it can effectively improve the air quality in the elevator car, prevent cross infection, is good for the patients health.

304 Stainless Steel Material:

The car wall material of FUJI bed elevator adopts 304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean and free from pollution.