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Single-Speed Side Open

A common and space-efficient choice, this elevator door style features a solid panel that opens to one side. Ideal for elevator shafts built into walls with varying space availability or for a seamless, unbroken look.

Single-Speed Center Open

Emulating the grand entrance of a gate, our single-speed center-opening elevators comprise two panels. Perfect for buildings with multiple elevators in close proximity, these doors create an elegant procession. Note that they require a bit more space as both panels slide open and temporarily store on either side.

Two-Speed Side Open: Offering a unique twist on side-opening doors, the two-speed variant features two panels that stack into each other. Unlike traditional doors that open opposite each other, these panels each cover half of the elevator opening. They collapse into a single space on one side when the door opens.

Two-Speed Center Open: Combining elements from the previous styles, the two-speed center-opening elevator door consists of four pieces, each covering roughly a quarter of the elevator entrance. It opens to both sides of the cab, with both pairs of doors collapsing into two when sliding into the cab’s sides. Commonly found in elevators catering to large numbers of passengers, wide freight, or oversized loads.

Choose from our versatile elevator door options to complement your space and elevate your access experience. Whether optimizing space, creating a grand entrance, or accommodating large loads, we have the perfect door solution for you.

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