Choose the right vehicle

Usually, the oversized machine is transported using various kinds of vehicles such as the Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT), modular trailer, lowboy trailer, extendable trailer or a flatbed trailer.

Preparation needed for heavy transportation

This is important to establish whether your transport company is professional and competent enough to meet the needs for heavy transportation. Due to the sensitive nature of heavy cargo transportation.

Weather Conditions

Cargo should be shielded against sudden weather changes during transport operations. Protection    should be done against snowfall, rainfall, and so on. Anti-skid measures should also be put in place.

Backup Plan for Vehicle

Have a backup plan of either a standby vehicle or maintenance personnel ready to attend to any emergency calls before getting started with the transportation.

Learn Customs and Regulations

ach country has its own customs laws and regulations concerning the transportation of heavy equipment. These must be established before getting started with the operations.

Make the Right Choice of Vessel

Different ships have different capabilities allowing them to handle certain loads and not others

Heavy-lift ship

A Project Cargo Ship is designed to take very big loads. It has at least one heavy-lift crane for dealing with heavy cargo and sufficient ballast to enhance stability.

Cargo ship

Also known as a freighter ship, a cargo ship is any vessel designed for carrying goods, cargo, and       materials. It is normally equipped with mechanisms such as cranes for loading and unloading cargo.

Bulk Carrier

Bulk carrier cabins are not designed to transport oversized cargo. It is difficult for the cargo to be properly stowed and secured. As a result, the goods are often damaged and the ship may be damaged.


Regardless of its size, a cargo unit should always be carefully packaged and covered for its transportation to protect it from impact and corrosion. The cargo should be inspected at the loading point and any damage be recorded and noted down. The packaging procedure should include:

  1. Protecting sensitive components such as switchboards, pipes of inert gas systems, gauges, etc. as per their special requirements
  2. Making sure that the packaging material allows for good access to facilitate lifting or securing points
  3. Utilizing corrosive protections effective for at least 6 months in excess of the scheduled arrival
  4. Supplying the cargo with appropriate lifting and securing points to protect it from damage
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